Sleepless Night in the Bend

In August, I published an article about the value of intentionally taking risks. Reflecting on that post, I thought it might be beneficial for readers to have examples from the lives of other normal people. I have a few friends I’d like to reach out to in the coming months to request they share their experiences. Until then, let me give you a peek into something I did last Spring to strengthen my own “courage muscles”.

Ever since I began tossing around the idea of backpacking by myself, almost everyone I know begged and warned me not to do it because it’s not “safe” for a woman. Going solo became necessary, however, since I have taken several friends and family members over the years, with the same result. Not a single person ever returned for a repeat of the adventure. The trips are physically rigorous, and it takes a certain kind of person to enjoy this special brand of torture. After a few years, I knew if I wanted to continue with this hobby, I would eventually find myself in a position where I would have to be open to doing it on my own.

So, in March, I did my first solo backpacking trip. Granted, it was only one night. I never said you have to start out taking giant risks. Small, measured risks are completely acceptable and often advisable!

I found it difficult to sleep that night in the desert wilderness of Big Bend National Park. As I tossed, turned and listened to every sound the night brought, I remembered I had my iPad with me. I had planned on journaling and taking pictures with it, but it found a more useful purpose when I decided to pass the time by recording my sleep deprived ramblings. It wasn’t until I watched the videos later that I realized you all might be amused to see how silly one can get when the only person she has to talk to, is herself.

Below, I’ve included a link to a YouTube playlist dedicated to my first night alone. I’ve left the videos in each of their 2-3 minute segments, rather than editing it into one long video. I think it actually gives you a better idea of how my night progressed. Enjoy my night of fear and stupor!

1st Solo Backpack Trip Video Playlist

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